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1000W LED Indoor Full Spectrum Grow Light

1000W LED Indoor Full Spectrum Grow Light

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Our indoor plants can suffer, just like humans, if they aren't exposed to the sun's nourishing light. no windows With this Quantum Board LED Grow Light with Smart App Control, there is no issue. This grow lights offer a light similar to the sun, suitable for photosynthesis, with different levels of lumen output (intensity) and the whole spectrum of light in order to promote plant growth during the entire lifetime.

It is a full-spectrum lighting gadget that uses premium Samsung LM281B LEDs and a Sosen driver. The grow light can be adjusted for conditions that are best for vegetables, flowers, and all bright things (except for 1000W). Each setting has time options, and the smart app offers complete remote control of every light as well as 0-100 unlimited dimming (except for 1000W&1500W).

It is more energy-efficient than conventional High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lights and uses a thick aluminium heat sink to ensure adequate heat dispersion. With this Quantum Board LED Grow Light with Smart App Control, you can show off your green thumbs while watching your garden flourish.



Strong light output and uniform canopy penetration are delivered by outstanding energy efficiency, with a yield-boosting maximum of 2.6 umol/J. Using only 150w, this lamp uses 50% less energy than HPS, other SMD LEDs, or Blurple lamps. Plant footprints are 2 x 2 feet for vegetables and 1.5 x 1.5 feet for flowers.


The light intensity is freely adjustable using a light switch and a dimming knob.


Exceptional white, blue, red, and infrared spectrum (3000K, 5000K, 660nm ,IR 730nm and UV). 5000K LEDs produce more blueish light, while 3000K diodes produce more reddish light. During bloom, the 660nm red and IR light is particularly helpful since it shortens the blooming period and increases crop yields. Make your own supply by using your seeds. Additionally, the light appears to be pretty natural, making it suitable for precise plant health monitoring.


Noise-free no fans. Excellent safety performance Driver from SOSEN, average water resistance. The light will last longer if the parts are of high quality, but they will also cost less.


  • Model No.:GL-BOARD-100-NDIM
  • Actual Power:110W± 5%
  • Full Spectrum:3000K, 5000K, 660nm ,IR 730nm and UV 395-405nm
  • Dimmable:No dimming
  • PPE:2.6μmol/J
  • PPF:260±5%μmol/s
  • Lumen Lux:14040LM
  • Life Span:50000hrs
  • PF Data:>0.95
  • Driver:Sosen
  • Max Coverge:3FT*3FT
  • LED Qty:176pcs 3000K + 32pcs 5000K + 14pcs RED 660nm + 1pcs IR 730nm+1pcs UV
  • Work Frequency:50-60HZ
  • Voltage:AC100-277V
  • Dimension(cm):30*24*6
  • Water resistance:IP65
  • Warranty:3 Years

Package Content

  • 1x Grow light
  • 1x Hanging Kits
  • 1x Manual

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